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Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Passing on the knowledge and skill of the genealogical pursuits is one of the most powerful of the professional genealogical services. At Ancestral Pride we take genealogical education as perhaps the most important, and most enjoyable, part of our services. Classes and Lectures are provided in very well organized and easy to understand presentations, with handouts and other materials, as well as research examples and live online actual research practices.

Presentations are PowerPoint created and presented from a laptop computer, therefore a VGA or HDMI LCD projector and a screen or large blank white wall is required; ask about the speaker providing his own LCD projector. Local wi-fi internet access would be extremely desirable if possible; please advise if this is not available at your site. Minimum of two months for advanced planning would be desired.

You will find me on page 20 of the AzGAB Speakers Bureau Directory. For a list of all current presentation topics, with brief summaries and skill level, click here.


Short genealogical and/or historical lecture presentations are provided to genealogical organizations, heritage groups, or other organizations that would like to provide an interesting and new topic at their meetings or events. Every effort to keep each presentation within 60 to 75 minutes is made but, as genealogy is an extremely vast subject, is not guaranteed; all presentations are most certainly guaranteed under an hour and a half.

Presentation Topics:

Click here for a list of all current presentation topics, with brief summaries and skill level.


A developed 8-week beginner's course on the fundamental basics of genealogy is available for city parks and recreation departments, libraries, community and senior centers, etc. Contact us for more information and to negotiate setting up such a program for your organization or facility.

A brief half-day program, a "crash course" on the fundamentals of genealogy, is also available.

All day genealogical or historical seminars, presenting any three or four of the lecture topics previously mentioned, can also be arranged.


We accept cash or checks payable to Robert M. Wilbanks IV. One lecture is $45 to local Phoenix-Metro area organizations. Short term courses, or Half or Whole day Seminars/Programs are negotiable at a flat rate or percentage of student/attendee fees. Additional expenses, such as copying costs for handouts, mileage and parking fees, housing/hotel fees, and other traveling expenses, are also open to negotiation.

Contact us anytime to arrange any of the educational opportunities above, or to tailor something unique.

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