Colonel Morgan A. Brown

The ancestors and descendants of Morgan A. Brown (1788-1845),
Noted Citizen of Washington County, Georgia.


This page will discuss research analysis and reveal new research discoveries relevant to the ancestors and descendants of Morgan A. Brown.

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At this time, we cannot positively identify who the parents of Morgan A. Brown were. However, some research findings and analysis does provide a very strong probability as to his parentage and ancestry.

In the Washington County, Georgia Surveyor Records, Books D-E, 1788-1793, a Joseph Brown obtained 1 plot of 199 and acres in 1792. His land was bordering a land-owner by the name of Sessions. The 1820 census of Washington County, Georgia lists Morgan Brown who had a neighbor by the name of Joseph Sessions. It is my assumption that Morgan Brown obtained this land as an heir of Joseph Brown after his death.

If we follow up this Joseph Brown theory, we find some more significant evidence. In the 1790 South Carolina census we find a Joseph Brown and a Morgan Brown in the Cheraw District. A John McCall, found near these Browns, is also significant in that he removes to the same part of Georgia where Morgan A. Brown later appears, and in fact Morgan marries this a daughter of John Rawls and Francis McCall.

The Morgan Brown in the 1790 South Carolina is clearly not the Morgan A. Brown of Washington County, Georgia, but Joseph Brown could have been a brother of this Morgan Brown and thus named a son Morgan. Perhaps it is a family name of significance. The elder Morgan applied for a Revolutionary War pension from Davidson County, Tennessee in 1832. It turns out that this elder Morgan Brown had written an extensive history and genealogy of the Brown family before he died in 1840.

In his writing, this elder Morgan Brown, born 1758, identifies that he had a brother Joseph, who left South Carolina after the Revolution and settled in Georgia. He also indicates that Joseph's wife was Mary and among their children was a son named Morgan who is of prominence in Georgia.

The elder Morgan indicates that his brother Joseph was born in 1763 and they were among several other children of Morgan and Elizabeth Brown of Maryland. This senior Morgan, born 1715 in Maryland, served as a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War but resigned in late 1777. The other children of Morgan and Elizabeth all have names consistent with the names of the children of Morgan A. and Harriett (Rawls) Brown.

As for the mother of Morgan A. Brown, one speculation is that her name was Mary. Family tradition states that the first daughter of Morgan and Harriett was named Mary Frances and was said to be named after each grandmother. This would correlate with the elder Morgan Brown's identifying his brother's wife as Mary. The mother of Morgan Brown is believed to have died sometime shortly after March 19th, 1839. A letter with that date, written by Morgan Brown, states I write you with a troubled mind, having spent the night in anxious waiting and expecting the demise of my only parent, my mother. As of 1992, this letter was in the possession of Ann E. Pippen of Washington D.C., another descendant of Morgan Brown.

An extensive history of the Brown family of Maryland was written down by Dr. Morgan Brown (1758-1840), the above referred to elder Morgan Brown. He was a Revolutionary War veteran from South Carolina who settled Montgomery County, Tennessee. He wrote the family history of the Brown family in his family bible long before he passed away in 1840 at the age of 82. Clearly a lot of personal knowledge is recorded in this history. Click here to link to a transcription of this recorded history.

I personally feel very confident that this is the Brown family that Morgan A. Brown descends from, but it would certainly be nice to find more definitive evidence.




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