Colonel Morgan A. Brown

The ancestors and descendants of Morgan A. Brown (1788-1845),
Noted Citizen of Washington County, Georgia.


The following is a general overview of the early history and genealogy of Morgan A. Brown and family.


Most occurrences of the surname of Brown are derived from a nickname concerning the complexion of an individual, the color of their hair or the clothing most frequently worn.

The name of Brown is a family name of varied origins. It is primarily a name of Anglo-Saxon or Norman origin in England and Scotland, but is also a surname that occurs in Old Norse, Old French and Old German.

Indications are that Morgan Brown was from a family of Old English origin. Our Morgan Brown may be connected to the Brown's from England of the Roman Catholic faith and settled in Maryland in 1633 to escape religious persecution. This family would become Quaker within a couple of generations.


An extensive history of the Brown family of Maryland was written down by Dr. Morgan Brown (1758-1840), the Revolutionary War veteran from South Carolina who settled Montgomery County, Tennessee. He wrote the family history of the Brown family in his family bible long before he passed away in 1840 at the age of 82. Clearly a lot of personal knowledge is recorded in this history. Click here to link to a transcription of this recorded history.

Our Georgia Morgan A. Brown family appears likely connected to and descendants of this Brown family of Queen Anne County, Maryland. For a more detailed discussion of the reasoning for this belief, visit the Brown Research page of this website.

Edward Brown is the earliest Brown ancestor who came to the New World. He settled Saint Mary's in Maryland in March of 1633. As Maryland quickly grew, Edward Brown moved up the Chesapeake and settled Kent Island. His final move and settlement on Easter Neck with a tract of land on Lankford's Bay, a branch of Chester river.

Edward married Mary, the daughter of Morgan Williams, a Welshman. This is where the name Morgan comes into the Brown family.


Morgan Brown III, a descendant of the immigrant settler of Maryland Edward Brown, removed from Quaker Neck in Kent County, Maryland and followed his cousin who had settled Grassy Islands, on the Pee Dee River in the Carolinas in October 1750. This area would be on the border region of Anson County, North Carolina and Cheraws District, South Carolina.

Among the several children of Morgan Brown III were Morgan Brown IV and Joseph Brown who both fought in the Revolutionary War. They are both found in the Cheraws District of South Carolina in the 1790. Joseph Brown would migrate to Washington County, Georgia in about 1792 and Morgan Brown IV would migrate to Montgomery County, Tennessee in 1795.




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