Colonel Morgan A. Brown

The ancestors and descendants of Morgan A. Brown (1788-1845),
Noted Citizen of Washington County, Georgia.


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Morgan A. Brown was born circa 1788 probably in South Carolina.

Morgan married Harriet Rawls on October 22, 1818 by Rev. Nathaniel Mi/elton in Bulloch County, Georgia. Harriet was born circa 1803 in Bulloch County, Georgia to John Rawls and Francis McCall. John Rawls received a bounty grant in Washington County, Georgia in 1796.


It is unknown how Morgan Brown obtained the title of Colonel. It is known that Morgan Brown first appears as a Lieutenant in the First Regiment Georgia Militia, commanded by Colonel J. R. Chambers, in the War of 1812.

A Morgan Brown appears to have been made Commander of the Washington County Academy on November 20, 1816.

At the December 1, 1820 session of the United States Senate, Senator Freeman Walker, of Georgia, "presented the petition of Morgan Brown, praying compensation for a horse killed whilst in the employment of the United States in the late war with the Creek Indians." Being read, on motion the petition was then referred to the Committee of Claims to consider and report.


Morgan Brown is found to reside in Washington County, Georgia in the 1820 census, 1825 tax list, 1830 and 1840 census.


Morgan Brown was very much involved in the growth and development of Sandersville and Washington County, Georgia.

On December 8, 1820, the Georgia General Assembly passed an act to alter and amend previous acts of 1812 and 1817 "to incorporate the Town of Sandersville" and to "vest certain powers in the Commissioners thereof." The commissioners appointed in this act included Morgan Brown, and said commissioners terms would expire on the first Tuesday in May in 1822 at which time a public election for new commissioners would take place.

Col. Morgan Brown possibly built and operated the first and only tavern in Sandersville, Washington County, Georgia before he sold it to Joseph J. Pruden. The widow Mrs. Nancy Pruden advertised to sell this tavern in 1833 in a Georgia newspaper, indicating it belonged to Joseph Pruden deceased and was formerly occupied by Morgan Brown.

Morgan Brown was the Postmaster for Washington County, Georgia, at Sandersville (Court House), in 1823, 1825, 1828, 1829/1830, 1831.

By act of the Georgia General Assembly on December 19, 1827, the commissioners of the Washington County Academy, which were named and included Morgan Brown, were "authorized to raise by lottery the sum of ten thousand dollars for the benefit of said academy."


Harriet died on October 22, 1831 in Washington County, Georgia. This happened to be Morgan and Harriet’s 13th Wedding Anniversary.

Morgan died on April 22, 1845 in Washington County, Georgia.


The children of Morgan A. and Harriet (Rawls) Brown were:

I. Morgan A. Brown Jr.
II. Thomas E. (Early) Brown
III. Mary Frances Brown
IV. Henrietta Brown
V. Ann Eliza Brown
VI. Harriett (Rebecca?) Brown




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