Mary Pasley Milam, daughter of Captain Robert Pasley

The ancestors and descendants of
Robert Pasley (1746-1818),
Revolutionary War Captain
of Laurens District, South Carolina.


I greatly enjoy hearing from anyone interested in their Capt. Robert Pasley family history and genealogy. I will be most happy to help you if I can, and am willing to share what I have. It may be that I do have some information that may be of benefit to you.

However, . . .

First, please review this website thoroughly, and come back and check it regularly. I hope to eventually make this website provide as much information as I have on Captain Robert Pasley and his ancestors and descendants.

If you still need help, then please feel free to e-mail me. I will need more details regarding your specific lineage. This is important. Only then can I more effectively help you. I will cross check what you send and compare it with my files. At the very least, I will need your contact information, possibly including your postal mailing address, so that I can send you any materials and information specifically related to your lineage that I find. What do you know about your Pasley lineage? Who are your ancestors? When you send me all that you know, in a brief outline format, then I will dig through my files and send you what I find.

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