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The Roger(s) Family of Colonial South Carolina:
French Huguenots.


Future Home of the Roger(s) Family Genealogy and History

A French Huguenot family that was part of the colony led by the Reverend Jean Louis Gibert. They settled New Bordeaux and Hillsborough Township along the Saluda and Savannah Rivers in the upcountry of South Carolina in 1764.

Hello, my name is Robert M. Wilbanks IV, and I am a descendant of the French Huguenot family of Roger(s) who were part of the colony that founded New Bordeaux and Hillsborough Township along the Saluda and Savannah Rivers in the upcountry of South Carolina in 1764; today this is in McCormick County, South Carolina.

I began researching genealogy in 1977, at age 12, and I have been continuing this research ever since. After graduating, in 1992, from Arizona State University with a B.A. in History, I have been attempting to establish a career as a professional genealogist. That effort has had its ups and downs. After a 10 year hiatus, I am carefully attempting to get back into genealogy personally and professionally.

It is my hope that this website will be the best way to share my 30+ years of genealogy research. Please go over it thoroughly and come back from time-to-time to look for additions and updates.

This website will focus on all of this French Huguenot Roger(s) family of the New Bordeaux Colony while primarily centralized specifically in detail on Peter Bayard Rogers (1775-1839), a Captain in the War of 1812.

Please understand that this webpage is a work in progress. I will be attempting to update it on a regular basis as I make time to go through my files and update, add to and build on this written history. I hope to add references and notes along the way as well.

While I will be glad to hear from you, if you try to contact me I cannot guarantee a response at all, let alone timely. Circumstances in my life right now are difficult. Please just come back to this link to check for changes, additions and updates.

Thank you for your understanding,

Robert M. Wilbanks IV, Scottsdale, Arizona



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