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Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide, 4th edition, by John Grenham. Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2012. Paperback: 606 pages. ISBN: 9780806318974. $37.95.

Genealogical research in Ireland has always depended on records that are more fragmented, localized and difficult to access than anywhere else. The internet is changing that. More and more records are coming online and this book is an indispensable guide to what these records are, where they are, and what they mean. This fourth edition of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors embraces online research as an essential part of any Irish family history project. Grenham includes detailed guides to Irish online records throughout the book, discussing the idiosyncrasies of the digital versions of sources and outlining research strategies. The sheer scale of digitization can make it both easier and more confusing to do research, and makes a guide such as this all the more essential. John Grenham's well-established and detailed guide has thorough descriptions of all the relevant sources and county-by-county reference lists - all expanded, updated and indexed to make the book easier to use than ever before.

Researching Your Irish Ancestors at Home and Abroad (Genealogist's Reference Shelf Series), by David R. Elliott. Ontario, Canada: Dundurn/Ontario Genealogical Society, 2012. Paperback: 224 pages. ISBN: 9781459703971. $15.38

This book will help all those, no matter where they live, who are searching for ancestors in Ireland. David R. Elliott has taken eight research trips to Ireland on behalf of his clients and has worked in most archival repositories in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Dr. Elliott gives clues to finding your ancestral county, then the parish and townland within the county. He explains how Irish archival centers work and describes how you can flesh out your ancestors lives and what you might find in cemeteries. An experienced genealogist and seasoned traveler, Dr. Elliott gives practical advice on preparing for your trip with tips on travel, driving, accommodation, and meals. Ireland's unique history is outlined, as well as the impact that religion and politics have had on genealogical research. An annotated bibliography and a review of important websites round out this illustrated guide.


Irish Roots. Blackrock Blessington, Ireland: Irish Roots Media, 2013. ISSN: 0791-6329.


Published Quarterly, Irish Roots magazine is dedicated to assisting all those with Irish ancestry to undertake their own research, overcome brick walls ever present in Irish genealogy and have some fun along the way. Irish Roots magazine is jam packed with lots of interesting, informative and helpful articles many written by Ireland's leading genealogists. Irish Roots is a powerful and necessary resource tool for all those wishing to connect with their elusive Irish ancestors.

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