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The following are links to writings by Robert M. Wilbanks IV that have been published in various newspapers, newsletters and various other publications.


The following writings are from a regular column called Researching Your Irish Roots that I did in the Desert Shamrock, a bi-monthly Phoenix area Irish newspaper, back in the late 1990s. Naturally, they focus on beginning Irish Genealogical Research covering both American records, and their variations in Ireland.

The articles are listed in the chronological order that they were written and published. At the end of each article is a "Back" button and a "Next" button that you can click on to move on to the next or previous article.

The articles are presented here exactly as originally written and published in the late 1990s. Therefore, while most of the primary context of the article may still be relevant, please be aware that possibly certain of the information and references may now be outdated, such as individuals and organizations, links, contacts, facilities, etc. Please be sure to follow-up accordingly for more updated information.

The Search Begins at Home
Public Records and Public Facilities
Networking: Magazines, Societies and the Internet
Understanding Irish Research
Geography: Past and Present
History: The Times of Your Ancestors
The Census: A Decennial Family Record
Civil Birth, Marriage and Death Records
The Mormon Libraries and Databases
Family History Research and the Internet
Emigration, Immigration & Naturalization Records
Military Records
Church Records
Genealogy Societies
Genealogical Research Principles
County Research
Cemetery Research


The following are to be newer articles written and published in recent years. Naturally, they too will focus on beginning Irish Genealogical Research, both in American records, and their variations in Ireland. I hope to be able to produce and publish on this webpage newer writings on a regular basis.

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