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Welcome to the Milam Family History and Genealogy Website. Thank you so much for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from distant Milam cousins who are interested in learning more about their Milam heritage.

I began this website over 20 years ago with the help of a great friend who was also a Milam cousin. At first it would supplement the Milam newsletter, and later replaced the newsletter altogether. However, over time it became difficult to continue maintaining, let alone improving, so mostly the site had been sitting nearly idle for about 10 years. But in 2009 I learned a little bit about web design on my own, so I began to update the site in 2010. Then in 2012 I began to completely revamp this site. I completely updated this website in the hopes of improving its appearance, making it more user friendly, and most importantly providing a wealth of more helpful information, including original documentation.

The 1990s saw a pronounced adjustment in the makeup and outline of the Milam family history, with some conjecture and speculation, but often pronounced changes were proven with more in-depth research, original documentation, and more detailed and organized studies and discussion. Meanwhile, the last 10 years has again seen a significant re-evaluation and improvements on the very early Milam family members in the Colonial and Revolutionary War periods of Virginia. Much of these latest discoveries is due to renewed original records research conducted by William F. Milam, M.D., of Richmond, Virginia and his incredible detailed website: Milam In Virginia.

Also, DNA has played a significant new role in the study of the Milam Family in America. For example, in December 2016 it was proven, through the Y-DNA of descendants, that John and Thomas, the known Milam Patriarchs in America, were in fact brothers; no longer speculation. See the detailed explanation here: Genetic Genealogy of Milam  So, if you are a Milam male, both in the U.S. and England, you are highly sought after and encouraged to do your Y-DNA; preferably YDNA-37 or YDNA-67. Contact the Project administrators for more information. Visit the Milam Family DNA Project page here: Milam, Mileham, Milum FamilyTree DNA Project.

I really sincerely feel that it is extremely important that all Milam researchers, new and old, keep abreast of the developments, new discoveries and changes in the Milam family history. It is up to all of us to help to discontinue the propagation and perpetuation of outdated conclusions, false research, and mis-information of the Milam family history.

Because of personal circumstances in my life, beginning with the passing of my father in 2015, I have not been able to maintain and update this Milam website as much as I would like. Additionally, the fast-moving developments in the Milam research the last few years has made this issue more problematic. Please note that the primary benefit of this site is providing original documentation, or links to original online resources; or even historical research and views of the Milam family from the earliest Milam family historians (I believe we need to understand the earliest conclusions of Milam research in order to help understand where errors were made and why changes and corrections were necessitated). Otherwise, this site will provide more of a general outline and overview of what is currently known, and is less likely to include detailed studies, discussions, and pronounced conclusions. Please watch for me to direct you to better quality websites for more in-depth discussions.

Please be sure to visit all of the different Milam pages and come by from time to time to see and learn what is new in the research of the Milam family history.

Please help to discontinue the propagation and perpetuation of outdated conclusions, false research, and mis-information of the Milam family history.

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